5 Reasons Your Dog Should Smile in 2021

A smile tells the world that we are happy, so needless to say, when we see our dogs with their wide, open mouths and lolling tongues, we think, “Oh, my dog is smiling at me; they must be happy!” But, while our dogs do smile, signs that they’re happy and smiling come just as much from their body language as their faces. So, when your dog is also wiggly and pliable with ears that are relaxed and pointed forward, then your dog really is grinning back at you. It’s a great feeling to see your dog smile, which is why you’ll want to make these five reasons dogs smile daily habits in 2021.

1. Your Dog Should Smile Because You Smile Lovingly at Them

Teaching your puppy new habits and tricks is useful for having her understand how to focus—yes, puppies can learn that—as well as improving their overall behavior. While you can work on a few training routines at once—like getting them house trained and sitting—don’t expect them to learn how to roll over, jump up, fetch, drop it and speak in the same week. Just like it’s challenging for children (okay, and adults) to learn a lot in a short about of time, puppies have their limits, too! Remember to reward a puppy or dog with a small treat and lots of praise and affection when you’re training them.

2. Your Dog Should Smile Because You Are Keeping Them Active

Another reason your dog should smile is because you are keeping them active. One of the most quoted lines from Legally Blonde is that endorphins, which come from exercise, “make people happy.” As it turns out, endorphins make dogs happy, too. Dogs love to run, jump, roll, and play. Indoors or outdoors, dogs need and crave physical activity. Staying active not only helps with doggy behaviors (like jumping on people), but it also keeps your dog lean and fit.

An active dog is a healthy dog. All of those endorphins keep your dog happy, which is definitely a reason your dog should smile.

3. Your Dog Should Smile Because You Play Together

In addition to being active with walks, jogs, or sprints around the dog park or the backyard, all dogs love to play. Your dog especially loves to play with you; in fact, did you know your dog sometimes laugh out loud when you’re playing together? Happy, smiling dogs laugh when they are fully engaged in play. When your dog emits a noise like a huff or a breath during play, it’s actually considered by animal experts to be a laugh. So, grab a tug-of-war rope, initiate a game of hide-and-seek, roll the ball for some fetch, and give your dog a very good reason to smile (and laugh!).. 

4. Your Dog Should Smile Because You Feed Them Tasty, Nutritious Food

Just as active dogs engaged in play have reason to smile, so do healthy dogs. Dogs love to eat, but unlike you, they don’t discern what is healthy and what isn’t. When you feed your dog food that is nutrient-rich and made with natural ingredients and recipes formulated for their age, size, and health, your dog feels better. They have more energy and get sick less often. A healthy dog truly is a happy dog, so when you feed your dog tasty, nutritious food every day, you give your dog a reason to smile.

5. Your Dog Should Smile Because They Have Healthy Teeth and Gums

In addition to giving your dog tasty meals that guarantee grins, you can also give your dog a reason to smile by giving them tasty treats that are good for their oral health. Many people do not realize that 80% of dogs have dental disease and that dental disease is the number one health issue for dogs. Dental disease causes painful inflammation in your dog’s gums. This can progress over time and not only lead to your dog losing teeth but can also result in more severe, long-term and even life-threatening health problems for your dog.

So, healthy teeth and gums give your dog more than just a good-looking grin as a reason to smile; healthy teeth and gums means your dog isn’t in pain and can eat comfortably. While you can and should brush your dog’s teeth to maintain oral health, you should also give your dog a daily dental chew.

Dental chews are nutritious treats that dogs love to eat that combat plaque, tartar, and bad breath. Giving your dog a natural dental chew ensures they are getting a vital dose of daily oral health care without adding on unhealthy fat and calories that can cause other health problems. Because daily dental chews are so easy to give and to receive, your dog will have a big, toothy reason to smile every day in 2021.

Dogs with healthy teeth and gums are happy dogs, and happy dogs are dogs that smile, which is why WHIMZEES® makes tasty, natural dental chews in a variety of shapes and sizes; every dog deserves to be healthier by the smile.