6 Signs and Causes of Bad Dog Breath

When your sweet little pup comes up to lick your face and show how much he loves you, do you find yourself wrinkling your nose? You’re not alone! Any puppy parent — or visitor — who’s gotten a doggy kiss or had their dog panting in their face knows just how bad dog breath can be.

1. Their yawn nearly knocks you unconscious

When a dog breathes in your face, you can’t tell them to brush their teeth and go lie down. A sleepy puppy is adorable to witness but your nose might beg to differ when their foul breath wafts across the room.

2. Their morning breath lasts all day

While your favorite human might get a little too close with their morning breath before they’ve brushed, at least you’ll know you’ll get some relief once they’ve cleaned up. But your dog didn’t learn that twice-a-day brushing habit so his bad dog breath can offend 24/7.

3. Their breath might smell like everything their mouths and noses have touched

Have a pup that chews on smelly shoes? Licks himself all day? Eats everything on the ground when you’re on a walk? Sticks her nose up to other dog’s behinds? Now think about how that combination of foul-smelling factors combines into bad dog breath. Ick!

4. They live with you and you can’t escape the funk

If you had a coworker with halitosis, you’d like the time you spent getting close to them. With a dog that breaths stinky breath, you just can’t do that. We’re willing to bet that all they want to do is get close to you. P U!

5. They love to give kisses

Your puppy probably comes over to greet you and chances are, she wants to lick your face. When bad dog breath is approaching in the form of boundless energy and fur, you might be tempted to back away. But, being the loving dog parent you are, you’ll have to just hold your breath and let the kisses ensue.

6. Bad breath means dental disease

Another reason your puppy’s breath smells like a garbage truck on a hot summer day — she has dental disease. Your dog needs to have their mouth cleaned and freshened regularly, and unfortunately they can’t do it on their own after rooting chewing on your neighbor’s trash. Taking care of your dog’s teeth is very important. Just like you have a daily dental care practice — we hope! — your four-legged family member needs one, too!

When’s the last time you brushed your dog’s teeth? If you can’t remember, or the answer is (whoops!) never, you’re in good company. Only 2 percent of pet parents brush their dog’s teeth. Since plaque can build up in as little as 24 hours, think about how much plaque and tartar may have accumulated if you never brush your puppy’s teeth. Nip dental disease in the bud by giving your dog something she’s going to look forward to every day. Give your dog a WHIMZEES Dental Chew to clean her teeth. Or, if your puppy is 3-9 months, puppy WHIMZEES Dental Chews.

When you make a dental chew part of your dog’s daily treat schedule – perhaps after dinner – you’re setting him up for a healthy oral routine that you’ll both look forward to.

So share a WHIMZEES with your pup and then let the face kissing ensue.