Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do WHIMZEES® Dental Chews Clean Teeth?

    Our dental chews are designed to help remove plaque and tartar for dogs by mechanically scrubbing the tooth. With a firm texture and unique designs, WHIMZEES® encourage a longer chew time for extended cleaning and feature nubs and ridges to help clean hard to reach places similar to the bristles on a toothbrush.

  • Are the sizing guidelines important to follow?

    YES! Always choose the correct treat size for your dog. As with any edible product, it is important that pet parents monitor their dog to ensure the treat is adequately chewed. Swallowing any item without thoroughly chewing can be harmful to a dog. Not suitable for dogs less than 5 lbs. Not suitable for dogs under 3 months, and dogs 3 months to 9 months should only be chewing WHIMZEES® Puppy chews.whimzees size chart

  • Why is dental care important to a dog’s health?

    Dental care is important to a dog’s health because lack of dental care can lead to dental disease. Dental disease is a very common health issue, affecting 80% of dogs with small breeds and senior dogs at the greatest risk. Dental disease includes any health issue affecting the mouth, including inflammation, tartar, gingivitis and periodontal disease. Prevention early in life may help reduce the frequency and severity of dental disease later in a dog’s life.

  • If I give my dog a dental chew, do I still need to get his teeth cleaned?

    Every dog’s teeth will be different and the best care for them is a combination of dental chews, tooth brushing and annual dental checkups. The good news is that by actively helping reduce plaque buildup on a daily basis, pet owners can promote an overall healthier mouth for their dog that can lower the need or delay the requirement for costly veterinary dental cleans.

  • Is there any advice for making dental care a habit?

    Plaque can start to accumulate in as little as 24 hours so optimal plaque control for dogs ideally needs to be administered daily. Most dogs enjoy gnawing and chewing so giving them a tasty dental chew such as WHIMZEES® on a daily basis not only is a way to look after their teeth but it also provides a reward they look forward to it. When used on a daily basis, WHIMZEES® has been proven to lower plaque, dramatically reducing the need for veterinary teeth cleaning, promoting healthier teeth, gums and fresher breath. In terms of making dental care a habit, we suggest weaving it into other daily routines like breakfast or dinner time, or at times when you brush your own teeth!

  • Aren’t all dental chews the same?

    While dental chews all focus on encouraging a dog to chew and have some form of mechanical abrasion on their teeth to remove the plaque and tartar, chews work in different ways. With a firmer texture, WHIMZEES® chews are proven to reduce plaque, tartar and bad breath, and best of all – WHIMZEES® are 2x more effective at reducing plaque* than a leading competitor’s dental chews and are proven to last 3x longer# than a leading competitor’s chew.

  • Other dental chews are softer – how do they work?

    The chewy textures of other dental chews are designed to encourage a dog’s tooth to sink into the product with each bite to mechanically abrade the teeth. Compared to WHIMZEES®, leading brands with softer dental chews have been shown to be inferior at plaque reduction, have significantly lower chew times and do not reach the hard to reach teeth at the back of the mouth as well.

  • What are the features and benefits of a WHIMZEES® dental chew?
    • Effective Dental Cleaning: 2x more effective than a leading competitor at removing plaque*
    • 3X Longer Chew Time#: The carefully chosen ingredients and patented high tech production process of WHIMZEES® delivers a firmer dental chew. With a firmer texture, WHIMZEES promotes a longer chew time to keep dogs occupied but most importantly, an increased cleaning time.
    • Natural Ingredients: WHIMZEES® use the very best natural ingredients to create a dental chew that not only supports a dog’s dental health but one that is perfect to be fed on a daily basis.
    • Unique Shapes: Grooves help work the chew into smaller spaces between dogs’ teeth, hollow shapes and spaces allow teeth to grip and chew even in the hard to reach places of their mouth and unique ridges & nubs help clean each tooth to support gum health and fresher breath.
    • Hypo-allergenic: With just 6 key ingredients that contain no meat proteins or grains (excluding rice bone), WHIMZEES® dental chews deliver a limited ingredient treat that is suitable for every dog, especially ones with ingredient sensitivities.
    • Vegetarian: WHIMZEES® does not contain any animal proteins for dogs that are suffering dietary intolerances or food sensitivities.
    • Limited, Natural Ingredients: WHIMZEES®
  • Is it true WHIMZEES® Dental Chews are “too hard” and increase the risk of dental fracture?

    The patented textures of WHIMZEES® Dental Chews contain higher levels of natural dietary fiber to deliver a firmer and longer lasting chew. Once a dog starts to chew or gnaw their WHIMZEES®, the salivary glands are stimulated causing an increased production of saliva into the mouth which helps to soften the texture of a WHIMZEES®. This lets WHIMZEES® deliver superior dental cleaning while also helping minimize the risk of dental fracture. As with any edible product, we always recommend dog parents select the correct size dental chew for their dog and monitor their dog while chewing.

  • Why don’t you recommend WHIMZEES® for puppies younger than 9-months-old?

    At WHIMZEES®, we have developed our chews specifically to help remove plaque and tartar for adult dogs. In order to do so, they need to have specific shape characteristics and they need to have certain hardness. Young dogs with deciduous teeth aren’t always capable of adequately chewing our products and they are still developing their strong swallowing reflexes. As a result, they may be at a higher risk of a dental fracture or biting off and swallowing a fragment that is too large. As such in order to always promote total wellbeing as well as dental health we do not recommend WHIMZEES® for puppies less than 9 months of age. However, we have specifically formulated WHIMZEES® puppy chews, for puppies 3 + months.

  • Are all WHIMZEES® Dental Chews Vegetarian?

    WHIMZEES® are made using limited, all natural, vegetable-based ingredients. We do not use any ingredients that have been made by or from animals or animal byproducts, which makes every dental chew vegetarian. The high quality ingredients that we use are all certified on this topic.

  • Is The WHIMZEES® Dental Chews Packaging Recyclable?

    Our packaging is recyclable but since our products are sold across a global market, we always recommend that pet parents check with the country/local regulations on the how and the where. The bags cannot be recycled in the US or Canada.

  • When I Buy My WHIMZEES® Dental Chew In The Bulk Box, Is It Still Fresh?

    WHIMZEES® Dental Chews use only the highest quality natural ingredients to deliver a fun and functional dental chew for dogs. Using only all natural ingredients WHIMZEES® chews may adapt slightly in the natural environment becoming more flexible in warmer humid climates and appearing more firm in the cooler dry months. You can be assured that the functional benefit of our WHIMZEES® Dental Chew will maintain the same regardless of the environment and we always strongly advise store staff to ensure bulk boxes are replenished with suitable rotation principles to ensure you always receive the freshest WHIMZEES® Dental Chews.

  • Are WHIMZEES dental chews OK for animals other than dogs (such as cats, hamsters, rats, etc.) to chew?

    We do hear from non-canine pet owners in the hopes that they can feed our WHIMZEES treats to their small animal pets, unfortunately WHIMZEES are only suitable for dogs and should not be feed to any other animals.

  • If You Include Malt as A Key Ingredient, Doesn’t It Contain Gluten?

    While malt can contain gluten, at WHIMZEES we use a special malt extract with limited amount of gluten. This is achieved as we produce in accordance to human grade standards; enforce strict supplier selection of ingredients and limit overall the amount of malt extract in our treats. At WHIMZEES, we are proud to say our products fall below the level determined for human regulation as gluten-free.