Where Do Dogs Have the Healthiest Teeth and Brightest Smiles? WHIMZEES Unveils List of Smiliest Dog Cities in America

Would you share a kiss with your dog? The answer will depend on how often you care for your dog’s teeth, and Americans in certain cities are more likely to say yes than others. Pet dental health matters for more than just dog kisses—it is the foundation of total body health, helping pets live their best life. This Pet Dental Health Month (February), we surveyed Americans across the nation’s ten largest cities to see how pet dental healthcare habits stack up, presenting the official ranking of the WHIMZEES Smiliest Dog Cities in America:

1. Los Angeles
Three-quarters of Los Angeles pet parents admit that they like the smell of their dog’s breath, which is no surprise as an overwhelming 84 percent of residents devoted extra attention to their pet’s dental health while spending more time at home over the past year. 65 percent of L.A. pet parents also think their dog’s dental health is very important for a longer, happier life which inspires consistent habits and helped Los Angeles secure the number-one position.

2. New York City
New York City pet parents stepped up during the pandemic with 60 percent of them taking advantage of more time at home to put in extra care for their pup’s pearly whites. 72 percent also said they would give up their own dental work for a year if it meant their dog could have healthy teeth and an overall healthy life. That’s devotion!

3. Atlanta
In Atlanta, pet parents have pet dental health habits down. Seventy percent of them believe their dog’s dental health impacts overall health, so they take measures like professional vet cleanings (50 percent), brushing their dog’s teeth with a toothbrush (43 percent) and giving edible dental chews (52 percent), all of which help prevent dental disease from developing.

4. Boston
Bostonian pet parents know the facts as 60 percent worry about their dog developing dental disease and more than half believe dental health is very important to build a longer and happier life for pets. When it comes to dental health habits, Boston pet parents are a big fan of edible dental chews as 60 percent use them as a measure to care for their dog’s teeth.

5. Chicago
Chicago pet parents care about their dog’s teeth more than their own as 80 percent would forego their own dental health for a year if it meant their dog could have healthy teeth and an overall healthy life. Over 60 percent of pet parents in the windy city also worry about their dog developing dental disease which motivates reliable dental care.

While these five cities excelled, others have room for improvement when it comes to their dog’s dental health. Washington D.C., Houston, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Dallas-Ft. Worth came in at the bottom of the list, indicating dog owners in these cities should consider implementing a daily dental care regimen for their pooches, such as WHIMZEES all-natural daily dental chews, or getting periodic professional cleanings. WHIMZEES aims to make pet dental care easy with all-natural dental chews that are designed to be given once daily to fight bacteria, are twice as effective at reducing plaque and last three times longer than the leading competitors to provide more cleaning time.1 Giving dogs a WHIMZZES a day is a convenient, effective and playful way to reduce plaque and tartar and help ensure more healthy dog smiles!

“With more time at home with furry friends amidst the pandemic, we’re encouraged to see how pet parents across American cities have stepped up to care for their dog’s teeth, which helps set the foundation for a long, happy life,” said Dr. Danielle Bernal, staff veterinarian for WHIMZEES. “Dental disease is the number one health issue for dogs, affecting 80 percent of adult dogs and up 96 percent of senior dogs, and if left untreated, can lead to serious quality of life and health issues.2 We want all pet parents to understand the importance of daily dental care so dogs can feel—and smile—their best while living their best life. WHIMZEES makes it simple to establish a dental care routine for each day. With just one dental chew a day, pet parents can help ensure Fido has fresher breath, healthy gums and a bright smile for overall better health.”

Want to see how your city stacks up in the fight against pet dental health? WHIMZEES is encouraging pet parents across the nation to step up their dental health routine for dogs and is tracking progress through the month of February. Check out the WHIMZEES Smile Tracker and upload a picture of your dog’s smile for a chance to win free WHIMZEES for a year! WHIMZEES dental chews are conveniently available at pet specialty retailers nationwide and online retailers including Chewy and Amazon, with new distribution to national retailers including Target and Meijer. To learn more about WHIMZEES, visit the brand on Facebook @WHIMZEESUS and Instagram @WHIMZEESUS.

Survey Methodology
Conducted in January 2021, SWNS collected data via an online survey from a random sampling of 2,018 adult dog owners across 10 U.S. cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas Ft. Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington D.C. Scoring from the Smiliest Cities List was based on an average across a variety of dog dental care questions examining pet dental care habits, attitudes towards the importance of pet dental health for overall health and concerns about dental disease.

1 Based on studies of comparable products conducted by an independent kennel (’17-’19)
2 Ozy, Sweeney, Dog Owners Have a New Obsession: Dental Health for Their Pets, March 2019